Each week TransforME Foods posts a  weekly menu via email or social media.  Customers place an order through our online store at shop.transformefoods.com prior to the order deadline, which is typically Fridays at 8 PM CST.

Customers have the choice of a full week of entrees, 14 meals.  A full week of meals includes 2 portions of each entree on the menu for the week. Customers can pick and choose the entrees they want as long as their selection makes 14 meals, and they list their preferences in the Substitution Section on the order page. Customers can request  protein substitutions or exceptions per request.  See online store for more details.

Once the customer has placed their order and made payment, they receive a confirmation email indicating their order has been received and any substitution requests made.  Our Chef then prepares meals, fresh based on the customer’s order.  Meals are ready for pick up or delivery on Tuesday afternoons.

Delivery and pick up instructions are emailed to all customers the night before their meals are ready.  We also offer discounts for customers purchasing multiple weeks at a time.  Contact us directly for more information.

TransforME Foods does NOT keep track of credit card information.  We process all payments through a secure third party.  Therefore, those customers wanting to order multiple weeks must visit the store each week to order meals.  We don't push contracts or make you sign up for multiple weeks. 

To receive the weekly menu and discount offers in your email inbox, simply complete the registration on the Order Meals Page and your email address will be added to the weekly menu distribution. 

How It Works