Why We Are Different

  • Each meal is handcrafted from the sauce to the protein everything is fresh, whole food.  NEVER processed!

  • Carefully weighed and measured pre and post cooking to ensure calorie count is accurate

  • Tried and tested meals with proven weight loss success

  • All-natural and organic protein sources and vegetables

  • Quality vs. Quantity - we strive to delivery the highest quality food, if that means we have to limit the number of customers then we do it

  • Greater variety in cuisine types

  • Super Clean and Live Healthy Maintenance are approved for most diet plans such as (low carb/high protein, low glycemic, all-natural foods.  A no additional carb option is available for Super Clean Menu. 

  • Pick up or delivery available​

TransforME Foods was created by individuals who tried every diet available without long lasting success.  Frustration, stress, and disappointment followed our failures, not to mention more weight gain! Can you relate?

Then we were introduced to a new way to loss weight - through healthy eating - by an amazing weight management physician.  After our first round we were believers!  This diet worked and worked well when following the physician guided plan.  However, changing our eating habits and learning to cook healthy at the same time posed pitfalls for us.  While we cooked, we grazed, and many times sabotaged ourselves.  

We tried various places offering prepared meals, but none followed the guidelines prescribed by our physician, used organic and all-natural foods, and were handcrafted just for us.  After diligent search we found a cook who followed all our physician's guidelines, listened to our needs, and made delicious meals with REAL food! 

Under a physician's direction we have lost over 150 pounds eating TransforME Foods meals.  Let us help you increase your success with your weight loss or healthy eating goals today!

How We Transformed